Our Mission / What We Do

The Rosemary Pencil Foundation believes that all children have the right to an education. Working with our local partner, Children in the Wilderness, we help transform the lives of children in rural Malawi and Zimbabwe by providing them with scholarships to attend secondary school and pursue higher education. Although primary school education in these countries is free, secondary school requires tuition fees.

Nearly all our students are orphans and without help would finish elementary school at age 13 or 14 and remain at home in the villages. This is particularly true for girls. Despite very challenging circumstances, these boys and girls have an incredible spirit and hope for the future.

We started our scholarship program in Malawi in 2006 and expanded to Zimbabwe with a ‘girls only’ initiative in 2011. In 2017 we expect to increase our reach to Zambia. Nearly 200 students have benefited from our program and the numbers keep growing. The Foundation covers the cost of tuition fees as well as school uniforms, shoes, when needed, additional books, sitting entrance exams and transportation to and from home for the holidays for those at boarding school.

In 2013 the Rosemary Pencil Foundation, in partnership with Worldreader, introduced e-readers to a girls boarding school in Malawi, the first in the country. These devices give students more than one hundred books by African, American and British authors to read as well as being able to access some of the Malawi secondary school curriculum on their kindles. In 2015, thanks to the gift from one individual donor, we were able to bring another shipment of e-readers to a second girls boarding school in Malawi.

As well as providing help to some students who have gone on to higher education, in 2016 we supported the launch of a print publication written by students, for students and their local communities.