Wezi M. Msisha

Dr. Wezi Msisha is an international public health specialist whose work focuses on poor and vulnerable individuals in low and middle-income countries. She earned a Diploma in Nursing and MidWifery from the University of Malawi. Wezi also has a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, a Master’s in Public Health from the George Washington University and a Doctor of Science degree from Harvard School of Public Health. Her early experience as a nurse-midwife in Malawi and then in the U.S. shaped her interest in the interaction between the social and economic environment and the health and wellbeing of women and children. Those experiences informed her subsequent involvement in service delivery programs addressing the health of vulnerable populations in urban U.S. settings, Eurasia and South Asia.

Wezi is currently a Senior Operations Officer with the World Bank and has been the Program Manager of the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, a $9 billion trust fund financed by 34 international donor countries to support the development needs of Afghanistan. She joined the World Bank in 2007, through the Young Professionals Program, first working as a Health Specialist supporting the implementation of health sector reforms, nutrition programs and analytic work in various countries including Bosnia, Romania and Uzbekistan. Prior to her current assignment she was responsible for leading the design and implementation of health sector reform and health service delivery projects in Armenia and Tajikistan as a Senior Health Specialist with the World Bank. In addition to professional endeavors, Wezi has been involved efforts to support several schools in rural Malawi through provision of books and school supplies. All of these activities underpin her passion and desire for improved opportunities for people in low-income and developing countries.