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Funds donated to The Rosemary Pencil Foundation are allocated to our scholarship programs and other activities. The Rosemary Pencil Foundation is an all-volunteer organization; your funds go directly to educating a deserving child.


Scholarship Program – Malawi

Primary school education in Malawi is free but secondary school requires tuition fees. Nearly all our students are orphans and without our help would finish elementary school at age 13 or 14, remaining at home in their villages. Your contribution empowers these children, families and communities through the gift of education.



Zimbabwe Girls Program

As girls have access to education, families deepen their commitment to supporting their daughters’ futures, a proven method for growing family income and supporting girls, their families and communities on their path to a brighter future. There has been little funding for children’s education in Zimbabwe, so these girls would not go to school if we did not pay their school fees. You can change a young woman’s future by providing her with secondary school tuition and expenses.



School Supplies, Uniforms, backpacks & Transportation

Once school tuition has been paid for, students face other, pressing expenses. We provide our students with all their necessary school supplies including uniforms, knapsacks, notebooks, pens and pencils as well as transportation costs to school and home for our boarding students for each term and school holidays.




Higher Education and Vocational Training Program

In 2012 we launched our first Teacher Training Scholarship which has grown to include scholarships for higher education and vocational training.  Whenever possible we sponsor our students to attend teacher certification programs as well as other university and vocational training programs. The initiative serves two purposes: it’s an important incentive for students wishing to become teachers and professionals to excel academically and apply for scholarships while helping to alleviate Malawi’s desperate shortage of good teachers and advance students’ opportunities to enjoy rewarding and fruitful careers.



E-Reader – Kindle Program

With limited access to books and necessary educational tools it is difficult for our students to reach their full potential. To compensate for the shortage of available reading material and bridge the digital divide, The Rosemary Pencil Foundation is excited to have initiated two pilot e-reader programs in Malawi in partnership with Worldreader. Digital technology lowers the costs and simplifies the delivery of books to our students.



Double Your Impact

Does your company match charitable donations? Please ask if your employer has a matching gift or challenge program for nonprofit organizations to double your impact and help additional children.