In January 2011 we started a ‘girls only’ initiative in a remote area of Zimbabwe in one of the communities surrounding Hwange national park, Zimbabwe’s oldest and largest park. We partner with Children in the Wilderness Zimbabwe. Seen here Gillian, Robynne from CITW, and our two students Pamela and Sinquobile.

Kondwani is 15, in form two and on our scholarship program. Like many Malawian girls, she

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is interested in becoming a nurse. Part of her desire to study nursing could be the absence of other female role models. Apart from nurses, she does not come into contact with professional women. Foundation President Gillian Rose asked her to read from a schoolbook. She chose a passage from Rome and Juliet.


Headmaster Mr. Longue says his school near Chintheche is expanding but the number of classrooms and furniture remain the same. It is a tight fit. It has a modest library with books as varied as T.S. Eliot’s poetry, Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, Bill Cosby and John Grisham, the latter obviously donated. Our student Violet’s favorite subject is English. She is seen here trying on school shoes we bought her.

Symon Chibaka is Program Coordinator for Children in the Wilderness Malawi. Conservation and teaching local children to appreciate and respect the environment are part of CITW’s focus. Symon has groups of local children (some of whom are on our scholarship program) growing seedlings from different species of indigenous trees for restoring the natural forest as well as four different species of exotic trees for domestic use – firewood and building. They will plant these seeds when they are more mature. When I was there they had hundreds being made ready for planting.

Shopper’s Paradise indeed.

Although 18 years old, Nowa has just started secondary school and is in Form one at Namalomba CDSS. He wants to go on to University and become a Doctor.




A statue of Davi
d Livingstone who, in 1855 while following the Zambezi River, came across the magnificent waterfalls which he named Victoria Falls.

Dawn in Zimbabwe. About to set off by land rover on a two-hour drive through the Park to visit the girls on our scholarship program.

Students at a Secondary School near Masanje in Malawi. This is a new school and there are 138 students attending. It is the first year of secondary school for our six students.

Foundation President Gillian with CITWs Program Coordinator Symon Chibaka on right and colleague Dixon who helps organize the follow-up programs.

May 2011. Foundation President Gillian Rose with Mr. A. Sani, Head of a Secondary School near Masanje, in Malawi. We sponsor five students at this school. Mr. Sani says he wishes there were more well-trained teachers in Malawi and the school could provide local accommodation to house them. A decent library would also be nice.

Foundation President Gillian Rose with Chimwemwe who attends Namandanje CDSS. He walks 7 km to school each day and lives with an Aunt. He is in Form 3 and enjoys Geography and English. He hopes to attend university and study environmental studies and get a job with Wilderness Safaris. One of the books he is reading is Smouldering Charcoal written by a local Malawian author.

Crossing the Shire River. I wasn’t sure whether the bright orange life jacket would save me if the boat capsized or just draw attention to the fact that I was there if a hungry hippo or crocodile was looking for lunch.


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