Kristina Blankenship

Kristina’s interest in the political field began after a stint in Washington, DC as a Journalism college intern at USNews and World Report Magazine.  Her political work experience includes campaigns and administrations at the State and Federal levels including: Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Bob Dole and President George W. Bush, the 1996 Republican Convention, the Senate Race for Senator Fred Thompson and a Houston Mayor’s Race of Rob Mosbacher.  Kristina served as a Special Assistant to Texas State Commissioner of Agriculture, Susan Combs and in the Bush Administration, and a Special Assistant to the United States Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans in the Office of External Affairs.

In 2001, Kristina left the United States Department of Commerce to pursue work abroad in the private sector. In 2008, Kristina and her business-partner husband opened a second wood recycling business in Cadiz, Spain.  In 2010, she returned to the US and is now working for the State of Indiana in the Family and Social Services Administration. She is co-writing and implementing innovative programs targeted at reducing the staggering unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities.